Unfortunately, the times have changed for the barbershop experience. Especially after a world Pandemic. MyFade is a website and app that makes it easier to find barbers, schedule an appointment and pay using cashless payments.

We know that searching for a good barber is like searching for a needle in a haystack. And gone are the days you can sit in a barbershop for hours waiting for a cut. That's where MyFade comes in. Whether you've moved to a new neighborhood, traveling for business or on vacation, MyFade is there to make that process a whole lot easier by helping you search and review local barbers and gives barbers the tools needed to enhance the barbershop experience.

Barbers who use the MyFade Business Pro Kit give clients the ability to schedule online, receive reminders and even potentially pay cashless through the app. This will streamline the experience and help get you in and out, looking good and feeling good.

So if your favorite barber is not using MyFade, tell them to check us out and sign up.

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