It's the perfect time to step your game up and grow...
That's where MyFade comes in
Why Choose MyFade
Our goal is to help barbers gain more control of their business which leads to more profits in their pocket.
We Help Bring Clients to You
MyFade not only helps you manage the clients you already have, but helps you get new ones who are looking for a barber whether they're new to the neighborhood, traveling for business or on vacation.

These days, clients want to be able to read reviews and ratings, schedule an appointment online and pay quickly with cashless payments. MyFade helps open the door to all new and existing clients to keep them coming back - which means higher profits.
Your Time is Your Money
MyFade works to help you the barber increase your sales while managing your time and schedule with less interruptions:

-Reduce wait times, and make clients happier and return
-Decrease down time, increasing revenue
-More control over your schedule, giving you more personal time

Cash is No Longer King
Accepting cashless payments is not the future, it's NOW! And if your not accepting card payments, you're missing out on a lot of revenue. That's where MyFade makes it easier and faster to make more money and get paid:

-No more searching for change, stopping at the bank or dealing with customers who forgot to get cash
-Increase revenue and tips (automated tips)
-Security by not having to carry around large amounts of cash
-Limit the spread of germs
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